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Pella Casement Window Hinge Recall

Pella is conducting a product recall of a limited size range of made-to-order Architect Series®, Traditional and Contemporary, Pella Reserve®, Traditional and Contemporary casement windows that have side pivot hinges.

Pella learned that the affected window’s side pivot hinges purchased from a third party supplier did not have the specified weldment of a rivet securing the two hinge leaves together. If a hinge weld fails, the casement window sash could separate from the window frame and the sash could fall out of the structure when the window is opened. For this reason, Pella is voluntarily recalling the made-to-order affected windows listed below and that were delivered between January 1, 2021 and July 14, 2023:

  • Pella® Reserve® and Architect Series® venting casement High Impact units with side pivot hardware; if ordered with any other hardware the unit is not affected.

  • Pella® Reserve® and Architect Series® venting casements less than 17” wide.

  • Pella® Reserve® and Architect Series® venting casements with a frame height greater than 96 inches.

  • Pella® Reserve® and Architect Series® venting casements with a frame width wider than 35 inches.

  • Pella® Reserve® and Architect Series® venting casements with a frame width greater than 29 inches and a vent height greater than 47 inches with side pivot hardware selected.

What does this mean to you?


  • Pella will replace the hinges on the affected windows with new hinges at no cost to you.

  • Please begin registration at the bottom of this page to schedule your inspection and replacement.

  • Please keep the affected windows shut and locked at all times to minimize risk until the hinges have been replaced.

If you would like additional information or have questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact us by phone at 888-276-7624, Monday-Friday from 8 AM ET to 5 PM ET.


Locating Your Serial Number:


The serial number on affected wood/clad-wood casement windows is laser-etched on the glass in the lower left or right corner.

The image below shows what the laser-etching will look like and provides a break-down of the serial number, which is everything on the 3rd line of text. You will only need to enter the last 11 digits of your serial number.


We recommend taking a photo of the laser-etching so you can zoom in to read and key in the serial number more easily.


For information on locating your serial number, please visit this page or contact us by phone at 888-276-7624, Monday-Friday from 8 AM ET to 5 PM ET.

Order #


Serial #






Living Room



Registration Instructions:


To determine if your Pella casement window hinges are affected by this product recall, please enter your 11-digit serial number below. You should not enter the 6-digit date portion at the beginning of the serial number. The first digit you enter will be a letter followed by 10 numbers. Once you have entered your 11-digit serial number, click the “Verify Product” button. 


Please note that the 6-digit date code must end in 21, 22, or 23 to be affected since the affected units were only made in 2021, 2022, or 2023. Anything with 2020 or earlier is not affected. Also, if your serial number does not have the leading 6-digit date, then your product is not affected. 


If you enter an 11-digit serial number that is not affected, but is part of an order with affected units, your affected windows will be displayed.

If you do not know your serial number or cannot locate/read it, please check the box below to indicate so and continue with registration for a virtual inspection.


Once you’ve provided a serial number or checked the check box, click the “Register” button to proceed.



Even if you have multiple potentially affected casement windows, you only need to provide one affected serial number to register for an inspection.


If you enter the serial number of a window that is not affected but is part of an order that contains one or more affected windows, the system will provide a summary of the order, as well as any other orders you may have placed, and allow you to continue with your registration for an inspection.

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